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Gemba Kaizen

Gemba Kaizen is a global consulting company focusing on manufacturing and industry consulting. We have managed a variety of lean manufacturing implementation projects for clients across automotive, plastics, white goods, chemical, furniture, cookware and other sectors. We have experience in leading diverse and global teams of senior consultants and clients’ senior management. We believe in developing of our local consulting team to help our international consultants. We excel at managing and exceeding our clients’ expectations and bridging the gap between our international consultants and our clients’ local team.

We communicate with all stakeholders to make sure that the strategic goals of the company is aligned with our projects’ KPIs and made sure that those KPIs were achieved. Our projects went beyond achieving the results, we had to develop the clients’ teams to be able to sustain the improvements. Our success resulted from the people development and our proudest moments in every project was when the clients’ teams presented and reported the successful results to the board of directors.